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Po Vs Jin by nuckerbar Po Vs Jin by nuckerbar
I never get crazy excited about games but with the announcements of Kung Fu Panda 2 movie, Marvel vs Capcom 3, Street Fighter Vs Tekken, Tekken Vs Street Fighter, Tekken Tag 2, and Gears of War 3. I’m getting pretty hyped up about 2011, which is going to be the best friggin' gaming year ever. And I figured I’d do my own version of crossovers. 

Jin Kazama is © Namco Bandai Games (Yes I know it's T5 Jin, that one is the best)
Po is © Dreamworks
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reiler12 Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2015
Anthro vs Human. Go Jin.
Spinster-4-Hire Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2015
You'd think the 'Dragon Warrior' could afford better clothes.:D (Big Grin) 
Jose-Ramiro Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Po for the win.
Rainbow2-0 Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2015
twonutbuster Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2014
Jin is a strong fighter, but in this video he is vulnerable by leaving his groin exposed. And knowing Po, I think I know where his fist is going to slam into. Sorry Jin, but your going to get Nutted. 
kerinasong Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow :3
Revan005 Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2012
Cool idea.
Erick-Genryusai Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2012
Great fighting pic betwen 2 cool fighters...

Many people believe that Jin would defeat Po, well...highly doubted...

Jin might be one highly fighter...but he lacks the one thing missing...loyalty and will.

Here are the stats:

Po, while he's a Panda, clumsy, oaf and sometimes an air-head, when it comes to defend his friends and for whats right, there's nothing that can stop him. He's the Dragon Warrior, who will defeat all who come to harm him or his love ones. He;s Loyal to his friends and Code, that he will give his life up to protec them with no doubt or fear. He's against taking a life away, even if its from his worst enemy. Any move applied on him, he'll come on with a counter way.

Jin is smart, strategist and rich. But he;'s only interested in becoming the stongest fighter on the planet, kill his 'dad' kazuya, and supress the Devil Gene on him. He pushes all those who care for him away, as he doesnt want no one help. He thinks emotions are for the weak, as he ignores Li Xiayuo, the girl truly loves him, but he never returns those feelings. Loyalty is not on his Code. He'll fight till his opponent is down or kill.

Bottom line...Po would or will defeat Jin, cause Po reasons are greater then Jin.
MikeZeStrike Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2012
Cool I get to do a debate with you ! A friendly debate, not here to be enemies. You don't mind right? :)

A few things I want to point out about Jin Kazama

Why do you think he pushes away his friends? Because if he loses one of his friends, Jin will succumb to the darkness in his heart. Imagine that, he'll only want more revenge than his thirst, which is already huge! Admit it, if you were to lose your friends by someone's else hand, you would only want revenge and the great circle of Hatred will continue to roll Erick.

He does not approach women because of his curse, the Devil Gene. Can you guess he doesn't want that?

Because he doesn't want to reproduct another heir of the Devil, like he is (hence, his own father Kazuya being the bearer of the Devil itself and has been consumed by darkness due to his hatred towards his father Heihachi who threw him off a cliff. Kazuya, having the curse, had a child (Jin) with a woman named Jun Kazama.)

All to say is that Jin may want to do things on his own......but he has good intentions as well. He doesn't want the evil and dark power within him to hurt his friends.

All he wants (like you said) is to supress the Devil Gene and to kill the Mishima Bloodline once and for all......for the sake of humanity. So I kinda disagree with you saying that he has no will because he does have one.

Anyways, that is my POV from this.

As for the drawing aka the fight between those two warriors, I have to say it'll be a good match but you got an interesting POV too! So we don't really know who'll win unless someone makes a simulation of the fight XD
Erick-Genryusai Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2012
Good point you made there man...

But part of the problem, is that Jin is afraid to face himself, his Inner-Demon. No matter how hard he tries to get rid of it, that Demon IS A PART OF HIM. As long as he denies that, he'll never be free. And hes so prideful, that he denies to ask for help from any of his friends.

Po also face a similiar problem like Jin...

During a fight a defeat from a strong enemy, Po felt into the rage and desperation, it was then that his evil side was starting to take hold of him. He even fought his friends the Furious 5 and beat them. He was so close to become like Ty Long, but in the end, he seeked help and his friends help him.

Jin is powerful, both in body and skills, but he's weak in spirit and will.

Po, while may not have a body of steel nor fist of Iron, he's very humble and not afraid to ask for help nor admit his limitation.

Po fights for his friends and for justice.

MikeZeStrike Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2012
True, he wants to eliminate the Mishima, cause they're the source of his agony. Jin is indeed afraid of himself, to face and accept the gene within him no matter how much he tries to hide it.

He doesn't want his friends to be included in his problem's family business. And personally, I don't think that both of us would like to have someone else put their nose in our business right?
Erick-Genryusai Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2012
Good point you made there man, didnt take that into account.

But...this is my opinion...

If those 2 fighters were to duke it out, it would be one great fight to see.

In the would be a draw, but both warriors would gain something of it.

As both could/will learn/teach something from each others:

Po could teach Jin to confront his fears, to not let his pride, fears and hatred controll him. That seeking help to others is not a sign of weakness. Po would show him all about having some fun, just cause he's Jin, a strong hard fighter, doesnt meant he cant have fun, so he'll teach Jin fun, Po-Style. He'll also show him that he's got friends that would help him in his problem, that he musnt do it alone, and that he musnt shuned love, for Love and Caring for something is more powerful then hatred and coldness, example Po will give him will be Xia You, never close his heart to someone who truly loves, for in the end, figthing for senseless revenge will gain him little to nothing. And to never believe that he'll end up like Kazuya and Heihachi, for he is 'JIN', and the patch he choses will be his alone and not theirs.

Jin will teach Po that a Warrior must endure pain and sacrifices. He'll show him that while fun and all, he must not be so forgiviing to his enemies, for all are not so mercifuls, only to those who are worhty. He'll teach him that a Warrior must take his training and role very seriously, for many peoples are depending on him, and cant slack off or make a joke of it. He;ll teach him that as a Dragon Warrior, he must train harder and more, for he's the future of his Land, and a goofball Dragon Warrior will lose his respect from his peoples.

Well,...those are some thoughts of me...what do you think?

Well...hope to hear more from you.

Hope that you can make another Crossover Picture.

Hey...why dont you make a Picture in which Po is with Xia You, where she's confusing him for her other Panda ahahahhaa...or she dump her old Panda and takes Po as her new Pet???

TimeParadox098 Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2013
I like how you guys didn't even fight it, you guys made me respect you more.

My vote is for Jin, though Po can hold out a long time, and....probably sit on Jin, Jin could wield himself a longer endurance, however, I don't see them killing each other.

I'd see them being great friends, with Jin being all silent and what not, while Po is his clumsy self.
MikeZeStrike Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2012
I liked making a debate with you without insulting each other :D! That is quite an awesome point of views we had :D can you watch me in my 1st account?

:icongreenlighting9: this is my account.

Btw, what you said last , you should tell that to the person who drew it XDD
bangoomos11 Featured By Owner May 2, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
You must do a comic with this crossover.
starsandchilidogs Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
This is genius o3o.
Rellis1997 Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2012
Well someone's plan to die without children is gonna take effect any way lol
YuYuAmie Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Sorry Po, love ya but Jin pwns...QAQ
Ali-lia Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2011
very cool love to see who wins (Jin of course :happybounce:.. sorry Po)
Finier Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2011
perfect opportunity for a nutshot
StatenTheGargoyle Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
ShammahvsDominion Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Very creative! :)
yoyo78323 Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2011
Jin believes in his skills more then Tylong himself. Jin is going to win.
viscusregnum Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2011
this is pretty much the best thing ive seen in a while :D awesome job, what an idea!! :D
Xiao-Fury Featured By Owner May 14, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Blackrhinoranger Featured By Owner May 7, 2011  Hobbyist Filmographer
Since Gon had a guest appearance in Tekken, why not this panda?
MrAwesomeMatty Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
This picture either says, "Kung Fu Panda 3: Return of Kazama" Or "Tekken 7: Secret Bonus Character".
Xiao-Fury Featured By Owner May 14, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
MrAwesomeMatty Featured By Owner May 14, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
What do you think? ^^
Xiao-Fury Featured By Owner May 14, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I thought I left a comment, but I guess I didn't. It's awesome!

What's Po's favorite line? Ska-DOOSH!
MrAwesomeMatty Featured By Owner May 14, 2011  Hobbyist Writer

Get ready to feel the thundah!! My fav.
doctorstone Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2011
Cool. This is awesome. I'm betting on Po :)
omarkhan Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2011
hahah nice ..... do jin a wushi finger
eloyoya92 Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2011
haha, good job :)
Masterspeed Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
He's fought bears before so I right about now I think he's used to it.
KPhillips702 Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Po would make an awesome hidden character, great job
MrAwesomeMatty Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Panda falls in love with Po, making Kuma angry at him!
ikilledbobnextdoor Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2010
incredibly cute. :D
Guns16 Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2010  Student Interface Designer
haha this is funny....po is going to win .. i dont think jin can kick his ass on this one...hahahaha....
DC-Fat-Gorillas Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2010
OMG, what a nice fight, I indeed would love this two in a fight! Nice work, pal! BTW, would you mind If I tell you another suggestion for a fight with Po?
nuckerbar Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
Sure, who where you thinking?
DC-Fat-Gorillas Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2010
Po (Kung Fu Panda) vs. CannonBolt (Ben 10 series) would be great. ^_^
Voiceofsoi Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2010
Oh man... Kung Fu Panda fighting game directed by Katsuhiro Harada would be so epic! :P
nuckerbar Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
Yeah hadn't thought of that but that would be really cool.
jupotmachine35 Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2010  Student General Artist
wonder who will win:woohoo:
Purpleground02 Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
LoL! Nice details and textures. Po reminds me of the real panda/bear from tekken. hahaa.
Vampirelupin10 Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2010
My money is on Po:iconpoplz:!
Fight Po, FIGHT!:fight:!
chaos-kitten8 Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Po looks fit here. Great! :la:
Kenichi340 Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2010
That is just frigging epic.
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